Friendly Fires Friendly Fires

Availability In Stock Released 23 Sep. 2008
Track # Track Name
1. Jump In The Pool
2. In The Hospital
3. Paris
4. White Diamonds
5. Strobe
6. On Board
7. Lovesick
8. Skeleton Boy
9. Photobooth
10. Ex Lover


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  • XL-383
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This is the debut and features the song "On Board" which you might recognize from the Wii Fit commercials. When it came to recording this album, the band tried working with various producers, but in the end opted for the same lo-fi, DIY aesthetic as the On Board video. The recording sessions took place in the studio they'd always used: the garage of Macfarlane's parents' house. It means they can work whenever they want and to their own time scale, something Savidge describes as "a blessing and curse." "We're constantly writing music," adds Macfarlane. "This album only represents about five percent of what we've written. But it's through doing that that you get good songs. It's like sperms competing for an egg. And whatever happens with the album, good or bad, we will know it was us, because we've done it all ourselves. If we'd worked with someone we weren't happy with, we'd always be thinking, maybe it was them."