Ratatat LP3

Availability In Stock Released 08 Jul. 2008
Track # Track Name
1. Shiller
2. Falcon Jab
3. Mi Viejo
4. Mirando
5. Flynn
6. Bird-Priest
7. Shempi
8. Imperials
9. Dura
10. Bruleé
11. Mumtaz Khan
12. Gipsy Threat
13. Black Heroes


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  • XL-353
Tucked away in a private studio named Old Soul, in Catskill, NY the two musical forces behind Ratatat, Evan and Mike, have collaborated yet again to redefine the current state of instrumental music. This time, the album is called LP3 and though it doesn't use much in the way of hi-tech recording equipment, it's still laced with a unique balance of penetrating beats and ethereal riffs. However, they broaden their palette of sounds this time around by relying more on keyboard instruments than guitars. Don't worry, Mike's characteristic guitar style is still present on this record but there is also an abundance of new textures emanating from the likes of a harpsichord, a wurlitzer, a mellotron and even a grand piano.
LP3 is a perfect blend of music for the 21st century. A uniquely crafted album that is certain to have a timeless appeal yet also stands very comfortably in the moment.