Ratatat LP4

Availability In Stock Released 08 Jun. 2010
Track # Track Name
1. Bilar
2. Drugs
3. Neckbrace
4. We Can't Be Stopped
5. Bob Gandhi
6. Mandy
7. Mahalo
8. Party With Children
9. Sunblocks
10. Bare Feast
11. Grape Juice City
12. Alps


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Ratatat’s new album LP4 is the next step forward on the work that Evan Mast and Mike Stroud began on LP3. It was conceived during the creative streak that began during the LP3 sessions at Old Soul studios, in rural Upstate New York. Since then the band have toured relentlessly; visiting countries such as Vietnam, China and Cambodia on the one hand, and selling out bigger venues than ever before on the other. Their last US tour ended with two sold out nights at New York’s Terminal 5, playing to over 6,000 people.
The period in between albums also saw Ratatat branch out into production with two tracks featured on Kid Cudi’s debut album, including the single ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. The band performed the track live on Letterman with Cudi in September of 2009.
The band describe LP4 as a ‘weirder’ album than LP3, with a much braver approach to the arrangements. There are more instruments featured on the record than ever before, and for the first time a full string section. The album also features a number of spoken word interludes, one taken from Werner Herzog’s film Stroszeck in which the lead character Bruno S describes the keyboards he owns. The other samples are all courtesy of Linda Manz, the first taken from Terence Mallick’s period drama Days Of Heaven. While trying to clear the sample, Evan unexpectedly ended up on the phone with Linda herself. The call resulted in a trip to Linda’s house, where he recorded an interview with her, excerpts from which make up the remaining vocal samples. Ratatat will be touring the US in the fall, and the album will be preceded by the single ‘Party With Children’.