Peaches The Teaches of Peaches

Availability In Stock Released 17 Jan. 2012
Track # Track Name
1. Fuck The Pain Away
3. Rock Show
4. Set It Off
5. Cum Undun
6. Diddle My Skittle
7. Hot Rod
8. Lovertits
9. Suck And Let Go
10. Sucker
11. Felix Partz
12. Keine Melodien
13. Casanova (feat. Mignon)
14. Sex (i'm A)
15. Felix Partz (Remake with Gonzales)
16. Fuck The Pain Away (Kid606 Going Back to Bali Remix)
17. Set It Off (Radio Mix by Tobi Neumann)

The Teaches of Peaches

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Peaches debut album is back in print on limited edition PINK VINYL.

The Teaches of Peaches is a crash course in Peaches' (aka Merrill Nisker) punk-disco burlesque. "Sucking on my titties like you wanna be callin' me all the time like Blondie/Check out my Chrissie be-Hynde it's fine all of the time" she sings on the opening manifesto "Fuck the Pain Away," which crystallizes her sound and approach -- her music is equal parts sex, humor, rock, and dance, with her frank, and often frankly hilarious, lyrics riding atop stark drumbeats, throbbing basslines, and repetitive but undeniably rockin' guitar riffs. Trashy, energetic tracks like "Rock Show" and "Lovertits" -- which is strangely reminiscent of the Stones' disco period, à la "Emotional Rescue" -- put the "rude" back in rudimentary; it's the kind of cleverly stupid music that's made by pretty bright people. Indeed, it's quite possible to read all sort of women's studies theories into Peaches' music; she's unrepentantly, triumphantly sexual and turns the tables by objectifying guys (particularly on "AA XXX," where she sings, "I like the innocent type/Deer in the headlights," and on the funny, kinky "Hot Rod," where she demands "Huh? What? Show me whatcha got/Rub it against my thigh"), but the fact that her sexually explicit music isn't presented as a bravely feminist act is, paradoxically, exactly what's so liberating about it. Funny, sexy, outrageous, and danceable (not to mention endlessly quotable) all at once, The Teaches of Peaches is a great introduction to a unique artist who defines herself by gleefully blurring boundaries. - All Music Guide